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Previous Site

My previous site was made in Adobe LiveMotion with SWiSH and Swift 3D. It does not include my current employer (Delaware Resource Group), but does have a number of small samples from my previous three jobs.

Delaware Resource Group - Boeing

USAF E-3 Mission Crew Training

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  • - Adobe CS4 Master Collection
  • - 3D Studio Max
  • - Vue Esprit
  • - Poser
  • - Bryce
  • - MS Office

The Air Force E-3 Mission Crew training included both computer training and paper-based courseware. Our graphics are involved both 2D & 3D images & animation. This means a focus on quality and a high priority for fast delivery, including viewing via the Internet. Not only traditional animation was used, but also ActionScript to provide more robust imagery while maintaining a faster loading and often interactive experience. We also maintained and developed 3D models of various equipment and people to improve the quality of the lessons and allow faster editing and modifications to existing lessons.

L-3 Communications

USAF E-3 & E-6 Flight Crew Training

L-3 Logo

  • - 3D Studio MAX, Animator Studio
  • - Authorware, Fireworks, Flash, Director, Dreamweaver
  • - Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, PageMill, GoLive, LiveMotion
  • - Swift 3D, Swish
  • - CorelDRAW!, Bryce, Ray Dream, Poser
  • - Paint Shop Pro, Animation Shop, Image Robot, Media Center

My job at L-3 Communications involved the training of E-3 & E-6 Flight Crews. I had the most complete knowledge of the E-6/E-3 3D animation and modeling project. This includes models of the E-6, E-3, KC-135, KC-10, E-6 & E-3 throttles and other components, an airport and airfield, and various other objects for our lessons. Before leaving I designed a new GUI for the latest lesson conversion and set up After Effects files for all our panels with moving parts for later rendering. I also provided other graphics support and expertise as needed.

University of Oklahoma - FAA

Air Traffic Training


  • - 3D Studio, Animator Pro, Animator Studio
  • - Ray Dream Designer
  • - Elastic Reality & Digital Morph
  • - Tempra Paint, Animator, & Media Author
  • - Photoshop, PhotoStyler, PhotoFinish
  • - Fractal Design Painter & Fauve Matisse
  • - PAR & TBCIV, Premiere, & in:sync Razor
  • - Mircrografx Designer & Picture Publisher!
  • - CorelDRAW, Arts & Letters Express
  • - Lotus Freelance Graphics
  • - Authorware and Director
  • - Hijaak Pro, LEADVIEW, & Paint Shop Pro
  • - Rio & Deluxe Paint II Enhanced

I was employed by the University of Oklahoma to produce animations and graphics for the FAA's Air Traffic CBI & IIDS (Interactive Instructional Delivery System) - a specially designed interactive multimedia classroom. Using the software listed I created, modified, and incorporated 3D & 2D animation, digital audio, images, and video into CBI lessons, classroom teaching aids, and presentations. I produced several 3D graphics and photos on the FAA's Air Traffic website. I helped integrate hardware and-software systems for classrooms and production, and problem solved system integration. We had five Graphics Technicians that I've overseen on several projects and trained on various graphics and animation software and equipment. I created graphics templates and incorporated new methods of production that cut our time by up to 80%.

Personal Experience

I use this software at home for personal and freelance projects:


  • Major: Photography (Serigraphy)
  • Major GPA: 3.1
  • Dean's Honor Roll: 3 semesters
  • Academic Achievement Award